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This project is a beach house in a small fishing village on the Boso Peninsula at the southern tip of Chiba Prefecture. The site overlooks the Pacific Ocean and a small stream, and is situated at the interface between the densely-packed wooden houses of the village, and the newer beach houses for weekend visitors from Tokyo.

The dominant presence on the site is the sea horizon, stretched between the headlands that define the limits of the bay. The clients are two Australian brothers whose own horizons have expanded to encompass Japan. The starting point for the design is an architectural exploration of these various senses of “horizon” – as a boundary, limit, interface, and aspiration.

The dwelling is conceived as a device that gathers and projects these multiple horizons. Three square concrete walls define an elevated viewing chamber oriented towards the southern horizon, beyond which lies Australia. The aperture between the walls becomes a frame for the ocean horizon; a screen for the projection of images and movies; and a portal to memories of childhood summers spent by the sea.

In turn, this house will create new memories and project new horizons for the clients’ children.



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