This project was the entry to an invited architectural competition launched in September 2013 for the entry for the redefinition of the Broelkant site in Courtrai/Kortrijk, Belgium. Six architectural practices were invited to propose a renewed image of an entire bloc situated in the center of Courtrai. Formerly the domain of a school, the site was to be reshaped into high-standard residential apartments, duplexes and housings, that will have to blend and interact with the peculiarities of their context – along a river, connected to medieval landmarks, and preserved architectural artifacts.

2015.09.09 Broelkant_Render_Hero

The Broelkant site is 0,7ha in area, and is situated in the center of the city of Courtrai. A former school precinct, the site is located on the western corner of a city bloc that is bordered on the north side by a soft circulation path that runs along the river Lys. The site is bounded to the north-west by the famous medieval Broel towers and bridge. On the western side, a façade of architectural heritage importance should be preserved. On the eastern side, the interior of a residential bloc undertaken by Bob Van Reeth (completed in 2004) should be kept accessible from the soft circulation path. Within the bloc you can find two courtyards, the first on the north is fully paved with a few tall trees and connects to the Lys Bank. The second on the west, has a small garden and a pond.

2015.09.09 Broelkant_Render_InnerBlocks 2015.09.09 Broelkant_Render_InnerBlocks2

2015.09.09 Broelkant_Render_Hero_Interior

2015.09.09 Broelkant_Render_Hero2

Project: Broelkant Redevelopment Competition
Practice: De Baes & Cnockaert + LLLABO
Site: 12.964m2
Location: Broelkant, Courtrai
Year: 2013