As a base for the production and reception of artworks linking local cultures to experiences of elsewhere, the proposal draws inspiration from the landscapes, seasons, and material culture of the Echigo-Tsumari region, combined with the openness, flexibility, and relaxed character of Australian people and spaces.

Three two-story artists’ “huts” are gathered by a broad platform and 10m square trussed roof structure, rigid enough to resist heavy snow loads. The platform is a public space for the making and communicating of art, with an operable enclosure inspired by local yuki-gakoi systems, opening up the to the environment and community in summer, and closing down securely in winter. The upper levels of the hut provide an elevated private realm for retreat and artistic contemplation, while mobile furniture and equipment at the huts’ feet flexibly service the public platform. Australia House changes form and use with season and occasion, linking public and private, local and global, Australia and Japan.