2015.08.31 Monaco_Hotel_Hero1This hotel is the signature component of an ambitious urban proposal for the extension of the Principality of Monaco into the sea. The building is suspended above the water, an autonomous architectural system in levitation.

Its principle of formation is that of the archipelago: independent objects interact with each other freely. The outcome is an emergent form. More than a succession of spaces, the hotel and residence form a continuous environment interweaving interior and exterior, private and public.

The private program consists of rooms, apartments and villas of various sizes distributed across all levels. The public program, consisting of lobby, pool, spa, and restaurants, intertwines with the private program and is accessible for all users. All public spaces are traversable, linking inside and outside.

This system of assembly is the architectural version of a city: an exceptionally gifted city, carried by a collective intelligence – the ultimate city with a city.

Project: Monaco Urbanisation on the Sea – Hotel Component
Practice: OMA – Office for Metropolitan Architecture
Client: Principality of Monaco
Location: Monaco
Size: 24,330m2
Year: 2007 – 2008

2015.08.31 Monaco_Hotel_Diagrams                                       2015.08.31 Monaco_Hotel_Plan

2015.08.31 Monaco_Hotel_Interior2 2015.08.31 Monaco_Hotel_Interior